General policy

  • If you have any COVID symptoms, a fever or are not feeling well please do not come to the mountain.
  • Check in required and health screenings are required by the state for every athlete, staff member and skier before they go on the hill; more details to follow on exactly how this protocol will be managed.
  • A mask or a face covering must be worn at all times unless eating, drinking, or skiing. It is critical that your mask is on while loading and unloading the lift.
  • Dress accordingly for the weather as indoor breaks will be extremely limited. Use of outdoor warming seats will be used as needed but will also be limited.
  • U12-U19 athletes will meet on the hill and cycle in pairs or individually whenever possible during training.
  • Group skiing will be kept to a minimum and done in small groups.
  • Maximum group size is 6 plus a coach.
  • Siblings/housemates will likely be grouped together when practical.
  • Team group gatherings in the base area will be limited to U10 and under.
  • Individualized lunch is recommended and lunch breaks will be staggered to help with
  • We will focus on staggered start times, training times and lunch times throughout the season for all groups.
  • U8-U10 will have staggered start times with signage and meeting spaces.

Significant Weather Events

WRF has the option to cancel, shorten or end practice early due to rain, snow or extreme cold. These decisions will be made on an age dependent and program dependent basis and therefore may vary across the program. TeamSnap will be used to communicate any changes to our known schedule and will be done on a timely basis.

Indoor space

Cold and wet days will be one of our greatest challenges. We will look to maximize all indoor space as well as utilize all available space on warming benches but please keep in mind that our indoor space will be very limited.

Comp Building

  • Will be restricted to a Maximum of 8 (not including Phil Davenport and Ian Miller who will be occupying the office space in back).
  • Booting up and lockers will be reserved for coaches and staff that are committed to a minimum of 30 days. Unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate additional family members at this time; employees only.
  • Time window for booting up will be limited to 4 minutes to help allow for as many users as possible - get in, get your stuff and get out.
  • The Comp building will be available for athletes only when they are with their coach and at a pre-scheduled time.
  • No parents or friends are allowed in the Comp building until further notice.
  • Break times will be scheduled by head coaches to avoid congestion and back up. Please note that for older age groups break times will be limited and training blocks will be designed with the intention of being on the hill for the full duration of time.

Why Not start and finish buildings

Both huts will be utilized as areas for breaks and warming up with limited numbers allowed at any given time.

NASTAR Buildings

WRF will be taking over the NASTAR operation this season and we will utilize both buildings for warming stations. Our current plan is to move one building to the top of Warm Up.

U12-U19 Race Team

  • These teams will ​not​ meet in the base area.
  • All athletes will need to check in and perform a health screening prior to loading a chair. Specific details on how this process will function is still being ironed out and will be published ahead of the start of the season.
  • All athletes will meet coaches on the hill at a designated training location.
  • A coach will be in place to meet and instruct skiers as they arrive.
  • Coaches will set the plan and expectations for the day ahead of time.
  • Athletes will cycle individually or in pairs to help support social distancing on the lifts.
  • An athlete should not leave the training venue during a training session without notifying a coach beforehand.
  • Breaks and lunch times will be staggered and likely to change from week to week. As an example; some days the U16-19 will start at 7:00 am, take a break (as opposed to a formal lunch) and finish training by 1:00 pm. In general, we will strive for early starts, shorter breaks, minimal group skiing and terminating early.
  • U12 will have a designated staff at the base to meet kids when necessary.
  • TeamSnap will be used to communicate all training and daily plans ahead of time.

U10 Race Team

  • This team will take a hybrid approach of the options outlined above for the U12+ Race Team and also have elements similar to the U8/10 Development Team protocols listed below.
  • All athletes will need to check in and perform a health screening prior to loading a chair.
  • Details for where to meet your coaches and intended group splits will be forthcoming.

U8/10 Development team

  • These younger teams can be some of the more logistically challenging teams to organize in a normal year. This year we will need to have a very complete and refined plan in place. Thus, we will continue to develop this plan as we look to come at it from every angle. We are grateful for your support and are thrilled to be able to offer these younger ages groups this season.
  • The basic approach will be a rolling start from day 1 (possibly designated by birth year and letter of first name?). For the first 2-3 weeks it will be a station teaching approach with coaches working designated areas on White Way.
  • Assistant coaches will be present at the top and bottom of the lifts and possibly cycling to keep an eye on kids.
  • Ian Miller will be assisting U8 head coach Joan Oldknow and the U10 Devo head coach (TBD) at the base area to help support parents.
  • Over time groups will naturally begin to form as we see where and who works well together. This approach will keep kids separated and minimize grouping while allowing us to experiment with how to manage this age group over the first few weeks.
  • During these early weekends, we will work to create groups that will peel off for time periods. Throughout the season we will continue to use this approach. We will invite parents to help at various locations such as loading and unloading areas to help support our youngest athletes needs.
  • All athletes will need to check in and perform a health screening prior to loading a chair.


  • Where possible, drills and radios will be assigned to coaches for the season.
  • Shared equipment will be cleaned before and after use. We will have cleaning stations available.

Virtual Education

  • We will also strive to develop virtual training components such as videos that show and explain drills and what we are focused on.
  • Zoom presentations will be used for parent sessions at the beginning of the season, staff planning, ongoing staff education and additional communication needs.

Home Race Events

  • There continue to be a number of moving parts around what events will look like this season. Much of this discussion will be led by the decisions of the State governing bodies. We are prepared to support all of our athletes’ needs to compete whether that requires all events to happen at Windham Mountain or traveling to local mountains in our area.
  • All events are tentative and subject to change. This listed below are the tentative events planned to be hosted at Windham Mountain.
  • U14 RVW Dual SL (Jan 23)
  • U12 RVW Race (Feb 6)
  • In House Team Races for our Development Team will be scheduled shortly
  • U10 race SL/Kombi (march 6th​)

Racing and travel

In regards to events/races for this season, we will continue to be in regular dialogue with NYSSRA and our RVW Council team. To the degree that it is possible, we will support travel races for our U12-U19 Race Teams. We expect these schedules to be lighter than years past and likely closer to home. This will also mean that we will have more athletes training at Windham on more days than we are used to. This will require that we remain very vigilant with our training blocks and plan ahead.

In a Nut Shell:

  • Stay out of the lodge, go skiing, don’t pick your nose, stay away from each other, wash your hands, wear a mask and ​stay home if you feel sick​.
  • Ultimately, we will need to be flexible and creative with our daily training plans. Furthermore, it will be critical for all staff to be conscientious about our actions and oversight to ensure we are adhering to the NYS and Resort guidelines. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to get back out on the snow and we are committed to making any and all changes possible throughout the season to support the changing landscape that we will be dealing with. Thank you for your willingness to continue with the Windham Race Factory during these challenging times.



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