Athletes will not be allowed to participate in any team activity without a CLEAR Health Screening.

  1. Proceed directly to the Health screening check in.
  2. Health Screening check-in will occur in front of the Ski Simulator building.
  3. Athletes will provide a CLEAR TeamSnap Health Screening, or have a CLEAR paper health Screening form.
  4. Upon presentation of  a CLEAR health screening every athlete will receive a tyvec bracelet to attach to their person.
  5. Please wear this bracelet, if an athlete is found without a CLEAR bracelet they will be expelled from any WRF event.
  6. Athlete will proceed to a coach or a lift (depending on age).
  7. Coaches will confirm they have the appropriate daily CLEAR band.
  8. Download a Health Screen form below or pick one up in the comp building.
  9. Details to the Health Screen can be found below.


Health screen check in
Covid-19 Compliance:   In compliance with New York state-mandated Covid-19 regulations, all athletes are required to complete an Athlete Health Screening questionnaire prior to participation in any WRF event. This includes training sessions, meetings, and races. TeamSnap will serve as the WRF's primary communication and team management platform. TeamSnap will also serve as the primary clearinghouse for the Athlete Health Screenings questionnaire. Please read the following instructions carefully, as they contain important information on how to access this very important feature. ANY ATHLETE THAT DOES NOT FILE AN ATHLETE HEALTH SCREENING QUESTIONNAIRE WILL NOT PARTICIPATE IN ANY WRF EVENTS.

If You Do Not Have The TeamSnap App:  Download “TeamSnap” from the iOS/Android app store. Everyone who is registered in a WRF Program has at some point received an email invitation for TeamSnap. The email you received includes a link to create an account that is associated with a specific WRF team (U8, U10, Race, Development, etc.). Your team dashboard includes calendars that may be synced to your iOS/Android device, as well as contact information for your fellow teammates, and informational posts.

If You Already Have A TeamSnap Account:  Log in to your TeamSnap account. Your team dashboard includes calendars that may be synced to your iOS/Android device, as well as contact information for your fellow teammates, and informational posts.

TeamSnap Health Screening: The TeamSnap Athlete Health Screening questionnaire will become accessible 8 hours prior to the start of a scheduled event. (i.e., the Athlete Health Screening questionnaire will become available at midnight for a training session scheduled for an 8am start). This is for your safety, and for the safety of everyone on the mountain. The coaching and administrative staff at the Windham Race Factory are doing everything in our power to ensure a smooth, healthy, fun and competitive season. We ask for your understanding, and we need your cooperation!

Cleared For Take Off!:  Once the Athlete Health Screening questionnaire is complete, you will receive immediate feedback indicating that the athlete is clear to participate. A green “check mark” screen will indicate the athlete is clear for participation, or a “stop sign” will indicate the athlete is not clear for participation. If an athlete fails to clear a health check, stay home. Again, we are doing our best as coaches and administrative staff to keep your children safe, we ask for your honesty and cooperation to help us maintain a safe and efficient program this season. Assuming the athlete has cleared  health screening, the athlete will present the green screen to the designated health screener for that specific event, and follow the instructions of the health screener.

Paper and Pencil:  If your child does not have a TeamSnap compatible smartphone, or if utilizing this process is not possible for any other reason, WRF will provide a hard document option. A completed version of this document may replace the TeamSnap electronic document option, and must also be presented to the designated health screener.

Reach out to Ian Miller ( if you have any questions or need assistance.

Best wishes,

WRF Leadership Team

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