Midweek Training Options

We are excited about this new opportunity to get our athletes on the mountain more frequently, and we look forward to the start of the season.

The Windham Race Factory is excited to announce a new midweek training offering for the upcoming 2020-21 winter season for our Race Team participants. This program will provide half day training sessions Monday through Friday (we will designate one day per week as an “off” day with no training) starting in mid-December, and running through mid-March. Exact start and finish dates are TBD and will be announced once competition schedules are finalized. Training times are in the afternoons, starting at between 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm. We are offering this with 2 options. As and adder to the weekend holiday program that you already purchased or as a midweek only option.

Combined Midweek and Weekend Training

This program will be available for purchase exclusively by contacting Sean Warman at swarman@windhammountain.com; we will not be offering this product for sale online. The midweek training program is priced at $950 for the season. This program, combined with our traditional Race Team product, now offers participants up to six days a week of training opportunities throughout the season. This program is solely being offered to our Race Team participants as an "add on", and they must have already purchased a team membership.

Midweek Only Training

If you are interested in only participating in midweek training instead of our traditional weekend programs, please contact Sean to discuss plans in more detail. We are willing to accommodate these requests and need to work out intentions of competing and traveling to races to determine pricing. These situations will be handled on an individual basis.


- Participants will be able to attend any midweek training opportunity throughout the winter season. Reservations for training days may be required for staffing purposes; however, we will not have a limit on participation numbers.
- Training sessions will run about four hours in duration. Training times may fluctuate slightly but to accomodate the group. All will be in the afternoon. A training schedule will be provided at least one week in advance.
- There will be one scheduled “off” day per week where training will not be offered for those selecting the "add on".
- Training will only be available to “Race Team” and the Development Team”
- Midweek training participants are not required to be enrolled in the ICL schooling program.
- The midweek training program will be on sale until November 30, 2020.  Registration after the deadline will be at the sole discretion of the Race Director and subject to availability.