Development Team – U8 and U10

Children in this group focus on fundamental skill development as well as athletic and personal growth. To meet the minimum requirements to participate in this program, children must ski mostly parallel on intermediate terrain, be able to load, ride, and unload chairlifts safely and independently, and be able to follow instructions from the coaching staff. Our certified and experienced coaches use various training environments and the latest methodologies to provide the best development opportunities for our athletes. Children in this group are introduced to the sport of ski racing and will participate in the home race series at Windham. The U10 age group will not be traveling to a NYSSRA race for the 2021 season. Children are not expected to travel and do not need to be members of U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association and NYSSRA (New York State Ski Racing Association).

Start and End: Dec 12, 2020- Mar 14, 2021 Holidays: 12/21-12/23, 12/28-12/31, 1/18, 2/15 Program Times: 8:45am – 11:30am, 12:45pm – 2:45pm

Race Team U10 through U19

These athletes are dedicated to the sport of ski racing. The Race team will focus on advanced alpine racing skill development, skiing fundamentals, and athletic and personal growth. Athletes must have a coach recommendation and meet the athletic skill and psychological maturity requirements to participate in this program. These groups will often have early morning training throughout the season and thus have start and end times that are fluid. Midweek training through our daily drop-in program will be available throughout the season. All athletes are required to be members of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association and NYSSRA (New York State Ski Racing Association) to compete in races. There is coaching provdided at qualifying NYSSRA events (Sports Page Cup and MST Cup) up to NY States events. Any events other than USSA regionals will not have coaches provided for travel unless prior arrangements are made. Additional fees will apply in these limited circumstances. No FIS coaching or post-season coaching is covered by the program. Friday and Friday Night trainings are included at no extra cost, and will be regularly scheduled in advance when organized by a head coach.

Start and End: Dec 5, 2020 – As long as conditions permit Holidays: 12/21-12/23, 12/28-12/31,1/18,2/15 Fridays included from 12/11-3/26 NO program 12/25 or 1/1 Program Times: Fluid

All Mountain Team – U12 through U19

Rip around the mountain with a coach and your friends while developing skills and enjoying a free spirit approach to ski improvement. Your child will find camaraderie, athletic development, teamwork, and respect for the mountains that are our playground. This program will focus on a blend of skill development, tactics, race training, and more without putting a priority on competition. It’s the perfect option for children seeking a team environment without exclusively focusing on racing. Children are eligible for the 3 Mini World Cup (MWC) races at Windham and no travel is needed or expected. Children do not need to be a member of USSS or NYSSRA.

Start and End: Dec 12, 2020- Mar 14,2021 Holidays: 12/21-12/23, 12/28-12/31, 1/18, 2/15 Program Times: 8:45am – 11:45am, 1pm – 2:45pm

please contact Sean Warman directly at

Program prices do not include lift tickets or a season pass, which are required.

Race Program Through 11/30
Race Team $2499
Development $2399
All Mountain Team $2299

Coaches in Training – Ages 14-18

This program is designed for those looking to stay involved with the Race Factory, but no longer want to race and show interest in working with the Race Factory staff. Candidates must have a minimum of three (3) years of race experience. All candidates are required to be a member in good standing with NYSSRA and US Ski and Snowboard with a “Junior Coach” membership. Candidates will receive education in current coaching techniques, race day administration, and have the opportunity to learn from the Windham Race Factory’s experienced coaches and staff. Candidates must be 14 years old by December 31st, 2020. All candidates must complete 10 days of training, as well as fulfill the curriculum requirements before becoming a staff member. All candidates must have a written recommendation from a previous coach to qualify.

Start and End: Dec 19, 2020- Conditions Permit Holidays: 12/21-12/23, 12/28-12/31, 1/18, 2/15 Program Times: As long as conditions permit.

For more details and those interested in participating in the program,

please contact Sean Warman directly at