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The former U16/U19 Empire Cup is now sponsored by The Sports Page in Glens Falls, NY.  This series will now be called the "Sports Page Cup".

The former U14 Excelsior Cup is now sponsored by Mud Sweat n'Gears in Ellicottville, NY. This series will now be called the "Mud Sweat n' Gears Cup".


WRF 2019 Race Night at Windham Mountain Sports – OCT 12, 2019, 6:00PM

By ionpuspurica | September 14, 2019 |

OCTOBER 12TH, 2019 | 6:00 PM Don’t miss the opportunity to satisfy all of your equipment needs for the 2019/20 season at the best possible prices! Windham Mountain Sports will be hosting company reps to help you with sizing recommendations and more. Windham Race Factory coaches will be on hand to assist with any questions…

WRF Homecoming Weekend! October 12-13, 2019

By ionpuspurica | September 13, 2019 |

See event information here: Homecoming_Weekend_2019 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12TH ELITEAM Dryland Clinic with Olympians Doug Lewis and Tommy Biesemeyer! Below is the tentative schedule of events for the clinic: 8:30-9:00 AM | Athlete registration in the lower parking lot by the Spa—$35 cash only per athlete includes clinic and lunch. 9:00 AM | Welcome speech 9:10…


By ionpuspurica | December 10, 2018

If you have not already done so please join TeamSnap in order to receive program and schedule updates. Starting on December 27th, 2018 all communication regarding the program will be coming from TeamSnap.   Windham Race Program 2018-19 Registration Form Link:  https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/194327

Race Parent Volunteers Needed for Windham Races!

By ionpuspurica | December 20, 2017

Dear Parents, Please make an effort to get involved with our races this season. For our races to work we depend heavily on the volunteer efforts of our parent community. There is no better way to show support for your athletes, our program and our mountain than sharing your time with us on the hill…

Tips for Race Day: 
  • Arrive early and encourage all of your athletes to arrive early
  • Select an area in the base lodge for all of your athletes to congregate together - focus on sportsmanship and representing our mountain
  • Encourage athletes to bring water and healthy snack (ask a parent to help organize)
  • Be sure all coaches have radios and are well positioned throughout the course.
    • Sample recommendation:  2-3 coaches at the start, 1 middle of the course, 1 finish
  • Remember that times posted to the scoreboard are provisional. This means that the results are not official until you see the printed or online version.
  • Assign a designated meeting time and place for your athletes
  • Remind athletes that the start order of 1st run is random and 2nd run will run in reverse order of top 15 or 30 (for scored events) or reverse order (for Kandahar) - depending on what the jury decides. Also share with all athletes the ruling of the jury at the Captains Meeting on how DSQs will work. Most U14 and younger races will allow all athletes to take a 2nd run with DSQs running in bid order after all other racers have gone through. However, sometimes the jury will choose to eliminate this 2nd run for DSQs should the day be running out of sun light.
  • The course will be open for inspection after the Chief of Race, TD and REF have signed off on the course set and officially opened the course for inspection.
  • All racers should inspect with their coaches. Typically inspection can be done by side slipping through the course. However, if the jury has any concerns about the durability of the snow they may request at the Captains Meeting that all athletes slip outside of the course. Please be sure to know these rules and instruct all of your athletes appropriately.
  • After inspection be sure to instruct all of your athletes to be at the start with plenty of time to be relaxed and get ready for their start.
  • After the first run, a coach from a visiting mountain selected during the Captains Meeting will reset the course on the same hill as first run.
  • Typically the reset will take about 15-30 minutes and inspection will open after the Chief of Race, REF and TD have signed off.
  • Again, the top 15/30 will run in reverse order for second run (for scored events) and then in time order from there, with all DSQs following at the end in bib order (if permitted).
  • *** It is the coaches obligation to check the DSQ list once it is posted on the score board after 1st run. There is a 15 minute protest period after the list has been posted in which a cash amount (typically $50-$100) needs to be posted to the jury and the athlete is afforded due process to protest their DSQ. Once the protest period ends, there is no recourse. *** Note that the TD, COR and REF will do their best to get the DSQs posted about 10 minutes after 1st run is completed.
  • All athletes will inspect 2nd run with their coaches and head to the start for the 2nd run.
  • The awards ceremony takes places as soon as possible after the completion of the race. Irrespective of whether your racer has achieved a place on the podium, it shows good sportsmanship and team support for all athletes to stay and attend the ceremony to recognize and show respect for the successful athletes and the race organizers.
  • All coaches should review the rules for the type of race (SL, GS, SG, DH, etc.) race in the current Alpine Competition Guide - this can be found on the US Ski & Snowboard website.
  • All coaches who are assigned to inspecting the course with athletes and taking part in the race are required to be USSA registered coaches and must already have completed the 'Fast Start' online course.
Who makes up the Race Committee: 
  • Technical Delegate: represents US Ski & Snowboard and is the Chairman of the Race Jury
  • Chief of Race: responsible for making sure everyone on the hill is communicating, keeping the race safe
  • Chief of Course: responsible for keeping the race course safe and fair - typically thinking about snow conditions, b-netting and so forth
  • Referee: Selected at the Captains Meeting as the person to represent the athletes in the race. This person must be from a visiting mountain and is expected to review the course set to ensure it is safe and fair for the level of athletes in the competition.
  • Chief of Timing and Calculations
  • Chief Gate Judge: Coordinates the reports of all gate judges, who stand alongside the course to ensure racers navigate the course correctly.
  • Race Administrator: prepares all entries and complies results
  • Start Referee
  • Finish Referee
Volunteer Positions that do not require prior certification - great places for parents to get involved: 
  • Gate judge
  • Bib Collection
  • Hand timer
  • Scoreboard
  • Announcers
  • Lunch/healthy snack organizers
  • Coat Collection/Delivery