USSA Schedule for Volunteers 2020

6:30 Coaches, Jury, Course Setter, Course Maintenance - Comp Center 6:30 Registration Set up - Comp Center

7:00 First Chair

7:00 Pick Up Breakfast - Valley Side

7:15 Registration Volunteers Arrive - Comp Center

7:30-8:00 Registration Bib Deposit - $20 includes RFID Deposit - $5 Prepare bib bins for afternoon collection

7:30 Gate Judge, Hand Timers Arrive - Meeting with Barry Smith - Comp Center Get assignments, sign waivers

7:45 Team Captains Meeting - Outside Comp Center 8:00 Start Referee and Finish Referee in place - Why Not 8:30 Inspection Opens

8:45 Gate Judges meet at Start (25 minutes from base)

9:00 Hand Timers, starter must be at start; Scoreboard to Finish - All Volunteers in Place

9:00 Inspection Closes at Start

9:15 Inspection Closes for All

9:25 Forerunners

9:30 1st Run Begins

11:00 Lunch ready at Wheelhouse (Elissa bring 10 to Start; 4 to Finish)

Listen to Jury Announcement for time for second run

11:30 Inspection Opens

Start and Finish Referee remain in place through inspection 11:45 Gate Judges meet at Start (25 minutes from base)

12:00 Hand Timers, starter to start

12:00 Inspection Closes at Start

12:15 Inspection Closes for All

12:25 Forerunners

12:30 1st Run Begins

1:00-3:30 Bib Collector to Comp Center

Bib Deposit - $20; RFID Deposit - $5; Collect Coaches/Officials RFID passes

Awards Approx. 30 Minutes after last racer; Top 5 for Each Gender Announced


*** Please review the Gate Judge video above. ***

Windham Race Day Instructions and Training for Volunteers

To all volunteers who registered to help on Race Day we will be meeting in the Race Competition building on the east side of main building 7:30 AM for registration and assignment of jobs.Please be on time . I ask all to please review the attached gatekeeper instructions and video again. We will answer any questions at the meeting.

Please respond back to let us know if you will not be able to attend. We will notify you If there are any changes due to weather etc. If you wish to provide your cell phone # that would be helpful in contacting you on last minute changes . Thanks again and see you on at 7:30 AM on the dates you have volunteered.

Barry Smith, The Windham Ski Race Crew

Notes for Giant Slalom and Super G :

Interdiction to continue after a competitor stops: If a competitor comes to a complete stop (e.g.after a fall), he must no longer continue through previous or further gates.This interdiction is valid in all events with a fixed interval (DH, SG, GS).

Instructions for Gate Judges #1 INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE GATE JUDGES

  1. Upon arriving at your assigned gate(s) remove your skis and place them in a designated area.
  2. Stand where you can best see all your gates while maintaining a position of maximum security. Most often you will be assisted in task 1 & 2 by your Section Chief, the Chief Gate Judge or the Technical Delegate.
  3. Fill out the front of the card and then immediately draw a picture of your assigned gates. Draw the @ symbol to indicate your position. Mark all blue gates with a diamond symbol and all red gates with a circle symbol.
  4. Mark only faults (F) and note the racer's bib number (not start number) in the corresponding box.
    1. Draw a detailed diagram of the fault on the pre-drawn gate picture.
    2. Be prepared to explain all faults.
    3. Do not discuss the fault with anyone except the Chief Gate Judge or Jury Members.
    4. If you are a witness to a fault be prepared to attend a jury meeting hand do not leave the finish area until dismissed by the Chief Gate Judge. This rule applies even if the fault occurs at a gate that you are not assigned (i.e. witness).
    5. Do not record a fault if in doubt. Give the athlete the benefit of the doubt.
  5. Record on the card the circumstances of any interference with a racer's run.
  6. If a racer questions a Gate Judge or commits an error that might lead to disqualification the Gate Judge must communicate with the racer by saying, "go" or "back."
  7. If necessary replace any gate poles and/or re-tie any gate flags until assistance from the Race Crew arrives.
  8. Remain in place until your card is picked up by your Section Chief or the Chief Gate Judge.

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