U10 Development Team News

Update for weekend of December 19-20

  1. We will be on a regular schedule as of Saturday (morning AND afternoon session). Start time is 8:30 (health screening). We’ll again send groups out as athletes arrive (versus waiting for everyone).
    Lunch break will start at 11:45. Athletes should know where to meet their families at lunchtime.
    The afternoon session will begin at 12:30 – meet at base on D lift.
    The afternoon session will end at 2:30. Athletes should know where to meet their families at the end of the day.
    Please note that athletes can participate in the afternoon session only if they were in the morning session – we do not have a health check in the afternoon.
  2. Please update TeamSnap with your athlete’s availability – for this weekend and through New Year’s. We’ll be better able to manage group size with this info.
  3. Athletes should bring pocket food and hydration – or a backpack with snacks and a water bottle – to refuel without going indoors. We will likely be able to use the Wheelhouse for quick breaks, but there will be no cafeteria service. Backpacks will be stashed on the hill.

Program kick-off information

  • Where do I go to do my online Health Check?
    • Open TeamSnap App
    • Click on Schedule at the bottom of your page
    • Click on upcoming event called “Standard Program Day”
    • Middle of the page click on “My Health Check”
    • Note that Health Check is only available 8 hours before an event
  • What does my child need BEFORE they get on the lift?
    • Pack backpack to bring on the hill: snack, water, hand warmers, extra layer of clothing
    • Check TeamSnap to be sure you have the right skis and equipment for training
    • Dress for the weather and MASK UP
    • Take your TeamSnap Health Check over to the check-in station at the deck of the Ski Simulator (located just above the pig) and pick up your colored bracelet to put on your coat zipper
    • Load the lift
  • Where does my child meet her/his coach?
    • Always check TeamSnap weekly email from Maris Jurevics to be sure you are aware of any schedule changes. Typically all U10s will meet their coaches on the hill after Health Check. 
  • Who are the officers of the Parent’s Association?
    • Tara McCarthy
    • Brian Conneely
    • James Montague
    • Erica Cullmann
  • What is the max size of ski pods?
    • We will look to have all groups of up to 6 athletes or smaller
    • When we are training on Warm Up or Why Not we will ask athletes to circle around in groups of 2 to avoid clustering and support social distancing
  • Where do I find the U10 race schedule?
    • All races have been added to the TeamSnap Schedule in your app and can also be found on The WRF Website
  • Who do I contact if my athlete is late to program?
    • Ian Miller or Sinead Lavery - both of whom work in the Comp Center
  • How will I know if the daily schedule has changed or if a program day has been delayed/cancelled due to weather?
    • All scheduling updates and changes for U10s specifically will come from Maris Jurevics using TeamSnap.
    • Your TeamSnap App will also list schedule start times on the schedule tab
    • Program wide announcements will come from Sean Warman and be available on our WEBSITE
  • What is the protocol for athletes getting together outside of the program?
    • We encourage all of our families to follow state recommendations and to support our safety guidelines on and off the hill.
    • Working together we can all do our part to ensure we get to do what we love = skiing
  • Where do I meet my child at the end of the program day?
    • U10s will be self dismissed. In doing so, we hope to minimize congregation and congestion at the bottom of the hill.
    • We recommend that you discuss as a family ahead of time where to meet.
  • What should my child have in her/his backpack? (Or in her/his pockets!)
    • Snack - fruit, granola bar, thermos of soup, juice box
    • Water bottle
    • Possibly an extra layer of clothing, hand warmers, back up neck warmer
  • Where am I able to meet my child inside? Will we have access to the lodge?
    • For any resort specific changes please always check the Windham Resort Website
    • The main lodge and Wheelhouse will allow for 50% occupancy
    • The 3500 Club will only allow for moving traffic, no lingering
    • There are heated benches and a fire pit at the base

Development Team U10

U10 - Daily Training Schedule*:

Meeting Place: Health Screen

Morning Session: 8:30 - 11:45AM

Afternoon Session: 12:30 - 2:30PM

Note that athletes may participate in afternoon session ONLY IF they participated in the morning session OR were health screened in the morning.  There is not a health screening facility available in the afternoon.



*Subject to change; changes will be communicated via TeamSnap

Be on time! - you should be at the Meeting Place 5 minutes before session start 


U10 Race Schedules 2021:

U10 Race and Camp Schedule:

How do I register?

  • You can register for all of your races at the same time (note that currently we are waiting for West Mtn to add the entry form for Kandahar Festival)
  • www.adminskiracing.com is the entry portal for ALL race registration - including MWC.
  • Race registration for all mountains closes at 12pm the Thursday before the race

What memberships do I need?