U16/19 Race Team News

First day of program 2021 Dec 11th

Start Time: 7:00AM (see below for details)

  • Equipment:
    • SL skis (SL gear in your day-pack)
  • Session Program:
    • coaches will look for your execution on FUNdamentals:
      • balance & athletic stance
      • outside ski-to-outside ski
      • early lower leg activation
      • ski-snow contact
      • fast movement at slow speed
    • depending on conditions and hill space we will setup SL environments
  • Schedule:
    • Regular Training Day - we will train in one block from 7:00AM to 1:00PM. Bring a backpack with liquids and snacks; we will have hydration and snack breaks during the training block.
    • Observe all Procedures published on the Team Info page (https://www.windhamracefactory.com/team/).



Video of the Day

/ grit / 

firmness of mind or spirit; perseverance towards a long-term goal

Image of the Day - 12/27/20:


U16/19 Race Coaches: Todd Glick, Ion Puspurica, Gabriel Foxx, Tara McCarthy (Fromm) and Max Fromm

Team Parent Coordinator: Nancy Bodnar

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