U8 Development Team News

Updates from the coach

    • Where do I go to do my Health Check?
      • Open TeamSnap App
      • Click on Schedule at the bottom of your page
      • Click on upcoming event called “Standard Program Day”
      • Middle of the page click on “My Health Check”
    • What does my child need BEFORE they get to the lift?
      • Bring a healthy snack, hand warmers, toe warmers (must be in boot before child arrives at mountain)
      • Dress for the weather and MASK UP (ski mask and other mask if needed when using the restroom)
      • Take your TeamSnap Health Check over to the check-in station at the deck of the Ski Simulator (located just above the pig) and pick up your colored bracelet to put on your helmet strap.
      • Meet one of the U8 coaches and load the lift
    • Where does my child meet her/his coach?
      • Always check TeamSnap weekly email from Joan Oldknow to be sure you are aware of any schedule changes. Typically all U8s will meet their coaches at the Health Check-in Station.
    • Who are the officers of the Parent’s Association?
      • Tara McCarthy
      • Brian Conneely
      • James Montague
      • Erica Cullmann
    • Who are the U8 parent coordinators and how do I contact them?
      • Domenica Mastroianni (email:  domenica.mastroianni@gmail.com)
      • Chuck Salzman (email:  CSalzman@peerlessbev.com)
    • What is the max size of ski pods?
      • We will look to have all groups 5 athletes x 1 coach. Groups will be smaller, if possible.
      • We will avoid clustering and support social distancing.
    • Where do I find the U8 race schedule?
      • All races will be added to the TeamSnap Schedule in your app and will also be found on The WRF Website
    • Where can I find a full list of the U8 coaching staff?
      • U8 coaches are listed on TeamSnap Roster under Non-Players, below the Players.
      • U8 coaches: Akira Bregman, Mikaela Benchimol, Russell Bodnar, Steve Cullmann, Tea Mehrohtra, Grace Nahmiyas, Joan Oldknow, Patrick Peron, and Ruby Reichardt
    • Who do I contact if my athlete is late to program?
      • See Nancy Bodnar, the Development Team Manager, who can help you find the U8 groups.
      • Otherwise, see Ian Miller or Sinead Lavery, both of whom work in the Comp Center.
    •  How will I know if the daily schedule has changed or if a program day has been delayed/cancelled due to weather?
      • All scheduling updates and changes for U8s specifically will come from Joan Oldknow using TeamSnap.
      • Your TeamSnap App will also list schedule start times on the schedule tab.
      • Program wide announcements will come from Sean Warman and be available on our WEBSITE
    • What is the protocol for athletes getting together outside of the program?
      • We encourage all of our families to follow state recommendations and to support our safety guidelines on and off the hill.
      • Working together we can all do our part to ensure we get to do what we love = skiing
    • Where do I meet my child at the end of the program?
      • U8s will be dismissed near D lift. Typically, U8’s leave their skis on a rack by D lift during the lunch break and meet again at least 5-10 minutes before the afternoon session begins.
      • It is important that parents help dress, boot up and mask up athletes before each group session begins, or check to see that your child has done all of this properly.
      • U8’s will not be self-dismissed. After the holiday week, we may allow self-dismissal on an individual basis. If allowed, a permission slip must be completed and kept on file.
    • Where am I able to meet my child inside? Will we have access to the lodge?
      • For any resort specific changes, please always check the Windham Resort Website
      • The main lodge and Wheelhouse will allow for 50% occupancy
      • The 3500 Club will only allow for moving traffic, no lingering
      • There are heated benches and a fire pit at the base

Development Team U8

U8 - Daily Training Schedule*:

The meeting times for the rest of the season starting December 27th are 9:00AM-11:45PM and 12:45PM-2:45PM. Parents need to do their child's health screening check-in by the ski simulator by 8:45AM and go to D Lift with a U8 coach.

Meeting Place: Health Screen Check-in Station (by ski simulator)

Morning Session: 9:00AM - 11:45AM (please pick up your child promptly for a family lunch and bathroom break)

Afternoon Session: 12:45AM - 2:45PM (subject to change if warranted by COVID restrictions)

Equipment:  For the Health Check-in, you need to show the digital green check mark on your phone or other device. (This means you are cleared to ski.) You can also hand in a completed health survey form. You will receive a colored bracelet to attach to your helmet strap (a different color each day)

Each child should be prepared for race program with the following:

  • Lift pass (parent cell number should be written with a Sharpie on lift pass.)
  • CLEAR Health Check
  • Mask
  • Neckwarmer (loose enough to pull up over child's mouth and nose to stay warm)
  • Base Layer(s)
  • Sweater or fleece jacket/vest
  • Ski socks (not too thick, but warm)
  • Snowpants
  • Warm jacket
  • Warm gloves/mittens
  • Ski Boots (Make sure they fit well and are not too stiff. Boots should be on correct feet and securely buckled.)
  • Skis
  • Poles (only if skier can manage the poles on his/her own while getting on and off the lift.)
  • Handwarmers and/or toe warmers (Toe warmers work best if stuck on top of child's socks over toes. Be careful not to cover the instep or it might be too tight.)
  • Healthy snack




*Subject to change; changes will be communicated via TeamSnap

Be on time! - you should be at the Meeting Place 10minutes before session start