Windham Race Factory Programs & Registration

Windham Race Factory Program Choices

Excelsior and Empire Cup Track

  • For racers ages 12 - 18. (U14, U16, U19)
  • Racers in this group:
    • Are expected to compete in the state championship qualifying events;
    • Must be members of NYSSRA and USSA

Kandahar Track

  • For racers ages 8 - 13. (U10, U12, U14)
  • Racers in this group:
    • Will compete in Rip Van Winkle Council events and the Kandahar Festival;
    • Must be members of NYSSRA and USSA.


  • For racers ages 6 - 15. (U8, U10, U12, U14, U16)
  • The program for young skiers who want to learn to race better/faster.
  • Racers are assigned to groups first by age, then by level of accomplishment.
  • Racers in this group:
    • Will compete in four (4) races here at Windham;
    • Do not have to be members of NYSSRA or USSA.

AdminSkiRacing will be used for all race registrations including MiniWorldCup.