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General Questions

What age group is my child in?

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How do I know which level is best suited for my child?

It’s difficult to know sometimes at the beginning of the season if your child is better suited towards one group or another. We would recommend that you consider the structure of the group, All Mountain being the least structured and Race being the most structured, as the starting point and then match from there. However, if your child starts in one group and decides that it is not the best fit, we are happy to work with you to find the group or team that best matches his or her needs.

What if I start the program and my child wants to be in a different group?

This is common as children are new to the program and working to find the best fit. If you think that your child needs to be in a different group, please let us know and we will work with you to find the best fit for your child.

What are the typical hours for program days?

General program days start between 8am and 9am (depending on the group) and end between 2:00pm and 3:00pm. For more examples of a typical program day for each group, you can go to The Windham Race Factory website under Programs and choose specific group to see more details for each group.

What is the size of ski pods?
  • We aim at having all groups 6x1 or smaller
  • When we are training on Warm Up or Why Not, we will ask athletes to circle around in groups of 2 to avoid clustering
Do I need to purchase lift ticket?

Program prices do not include lift tickets or a season pass, which are required.  Click here to purchase.

Do you serve lunch?

We do not serve lunch. Athletes and families are expected to either bring their own or make arrangements to eat during the lunch break period.

What is the protocol for athletes getting together outside of the program?
  • We encourage all of our families to follow state recommendations and to support our safety guidelines on and off the hill
  • Working together we can all do our part to ensure we get to do what we love - skiing
How can I stay up-to-date with all program communications before and after the season?

WRF uses TeamSnap as its primary communication tool for the program.  New families joining WRF program this year should expect to receive an email invitation to join TeamSnap before the season starts.  Please keep an eye out on the email!  All pre-season, in-season, and post-season communications including training camps, social activities, team jackets, etc will be via TeamSnap, please make sure you have TeamSnap account set up once you receive an invitation.  

Returning families can expect their athletes to be added to their new team for the upcoming season. 

Who are on the board of the Parent’s Association?
  • Brian Conneely - President (
  • James Montague
  • Tara McCarthy
  • Tim Carey
  • Madelyn Storms 
  • Jacqueline Braunstein 


What does my child need BEFORE they get on the lift?
  • Pack backpack to bring on the hill: snackwater, hand warmers, extra layer of clothing
  • Check TeamSnap to be sure you have the right skis and equipment for training that day
  • Dress for the weather and in layers
  • Load the lift
What should my child have in her/his backpack?
  • Snack - fruit, granola bar, thermos of soup, healthy snacks
  • Water bottle
  • Possibly an extra layer of clothing, hand warmers, toe warmers, back-up neck warmer
Where does my child meet her/his coach?

Please check our programs page for team specific meeting location.  Always check TeamSnap communication sent by your coach for any schedule changes as well.  Typically all athletes will meet their coaches on the hill or at the bottom of chair lift.  

Where do I meet my child at the end of the program day?

All Race Teams will be self dismissed. For U10 and under coaches will communicate dismissal procedure via TeamSnap. We recommend that you discuss as a family ahead of time where to meet.

How will I know if the daily schedule has changed or if a program day has been delayed/cancelled due to weather?
  • All scheduling updates and changes for for each Team will come from your coach via TeamSnap
  • Program-wide announcements will come from Sean Warman and be available on our WRF Website
Who do I contact if my athlete is late to program?

Information will be available prior to December 1st.

How do I know which skis my child will need for any given training session?

This information is likely to change daily and will be communicated by coaches via TeamSnap.  (U10 and under will only use one pair skis and will not need to change)

Does WRF offer additional training camps opportunities?

WRF has various training camp opportunities during the season as well as both before/after season in the Fall and Spring.  For more information, please check out our Camps page.

What is the race schedule for the season?

The race schedule for each season usually gets posted around December. Your head coach will communicate the schedule as soon as possible to help you prepare for the season, especially if there are travel races involved.  Race schedule will also be updated on team page and on WRF team calendar.  

Where do I find my Team's race schedule?

All races will be been added to the TeamSnap Schedule in your app and can also be found on The WRF Website

How do I register for races?

Most races can be registered at, for step-by-step race registration, please visit our Race Registration page. 

How do I view race results

Race results will be posted after the race has completed on WRF website - Race Results page.  Live results may also be available on live-timing or USSA live-timing page.  Check with race host organizer to see if live-timing is available for your race.

Equipments & Clothing

How can I buy a WRF team jacket?

Once your athlete is registered for the program, he or she will be eligible to order a team jacket. Information will be sent out prior to the start of next season to order a team jacket.  More information will also be posted on our Team Apparel page.

How do I know what gear to purchase for next season?

We do our best to communicate racing gear and gear needs by age group or team prior to the start of each season.  Click here to learn more information about choosing ski equipment.

If you have specific questions about gear, please reach out to our Program Director, Sean Warman, at

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