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A2C Athlete 2 Coach Program

Not all athletes in our program have the desire to pursue ski racing at the most competitive levels. So, to give our athletes other opportunities to use their talents and learn new skills while maintaining their connection to the program, we have developed an “Athlete 2 Coach” track.

A2C Qualifications and Requirements

  • Must have completed 3 years in the WRF program.
  • Must have a coach’s recommendation for the program.
  • Must commit to 17 days of work with the WRF for the season.
  • Must complete 10 days of training.
  • Must be at least 14 years old.

A2C Opportunities

  • Upon successfully completing the program, the Athlete will be offered a job with the Windham Race Factory.
  • Training with the Program Director and other WRF leaders and Head Coaches.
  • Internship-like exposure to organizational aspects of running a ski program.
  • 1:1 relationship-building with a Mentor Coach
  • Following the first 10 days of training, after fulfilling the training requirements, athletes will be eligible for a position as an assistant coach in the Windham Race factory as a paid employee.*
  • All candidates must complete 17 days with the team to be hired the following season.

A2C Details

  • Season pass must be paid for at the beginning of the season, but it will be refunded upon program completion and hired as a member of the staff.
  • We will open registration in mid October of 2023.
  • Training is in a module format - trainees can progress at a rate that suits their needs.
  • Program to be led by Sean Warman and Maris Jurevics.
  • Cost of the program is $200

A2C Curriculum

  • Maris Jurevics will lead the course.
  • The course is intended to allow each trainee to work at their own pace
  • Each participant must complete 20 training modules (2x per day possible).
  • 10 of the modules are working directly with a Mentor
  • 10 of the training modules will be topic specific and listed below
  • Each training Module is approximately 2.5 hours
  • Each participant will need to read the Talent Code by Daniel Coyel and provide a short review.
  • Each participant will attend a verbal final exam

A2C Training Modules

  1. Introduction to the core skills (LAOF)
  2. Core Drills stage 1
  3. Core Drills stage 2
  4. Class Handling Introduction
  5. Class handling part 2
  6. Course setting 101
  7. Training environments and setting
  8. Elective
  9. Elective
  10. Elective 


*Modules do not need to be attended 1 through 10, but there are some obvious prerequisites that are required. The electives will be discussed and selected with trainees depending on the desired area of interest. 


** Participants are expected to continue to attend training after being hired as assistant coaches. 


Congratulations to Our A2C Graduates for Season 2022-2023

Avery Lane                         

Maya Rosenberg             

Anders Siewert                   

Sophia Bregman

Sebastian Obermueller     

Sophie Obermueller

Sienna Lackey

Catherine Larsen

Neela Jarmon

Susie Whamond

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