U14 Race Team News

Jan 9-10, 2021

Well, I have to say everyone must have been thinking Snow or at least Snowmaking weather this week which the coaches love.    The Mountain has been making snow and the conditions should be great for us to break out our GS skis for this weekend.     We will be starting out our normal time of 7:15 heading up F Lift.  Please update your attendance and do not forget to do your health check and MOST IMPORTANTLY BACK WATER AND A GOOD SNACK FOR BREAK TIME.    The only change will be, to leave your backpacks near D Lift on the Left side on the ranks (hang your backs on the rank do not just dump them on the ground).

  • Equipment:
    • GS skis
  • Session Program:
    • this first session on long skies we will focus on FUNdamentals:
  • Schedule:
    • Regular Training Day
    • Observe all Procedures published on the Team Info page.

Please do not come late.

Think Snow, SKI FAST & Have FUN!


The coaches have had some questions on if I have the right ski lengths.   I will try to give a quick reference for you below:


Slalom skis – when you stand the ski next to you with your boots on, they should reach between your chin and your nose (remember when you were your boots you will be taller) .


GS skis – they should be just above your head or about 15 to 20cm longer than your SL skis.

Super G skis – typically these skis are 15 to 20cm taller than your GS skis.   Now you do not need to have skis that say Super G.  The best solution is to find a brother or sister who have a GS ski that you can borrow.    The ski radius should be between 21 to 23 and even up to 27meter.   (The longer the ski the bigger the radius).

U14 Race Coaches: Martin Biedermann, Susan White, Nicole Cosgrove, Henri Rivers, Kevin Cohane

Team Parent Coordinator:

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