U14 Race Team News

First Day of Program is December 11th


Start time 7:15

  • Equipment:
    • SL skis
  • Session Program:
    • this first session on long skies we will focus on FUNdamentals:
  • Schedule:
    • Regular Training Day
    • Observe all Procedures published on the Team Info page.

Please do not come late.

Think Snow, SKI FAST & Have FUN!


The coaches have had some questions on if I have the right ski lengths.   I will try to give a quick reference for you below:

What do you need?

  • Backpack: water bottle, snack, extra neckie, extra layer of clothing as needed, hand warmers (please note that we are recommending that you start bringing your backpack once we have our dedicated training space on Warm Up ready for use)
  • Ski equipment.  (Also, see attached Google Doc on equipment for more detail)
  • SL Skis and SL gear for later in the season
  • GS Skis
  • Super G Skis
  • helmet

Who are we?

  • The coaches have invested a lot of time developing our curriculum and have set targeted coaching goals where we can measure the growth and development, we are able to accomplish over the season.
  • Our team philosophy is that we will ski whenever we can ski (and we have a lot of fun doing it!):  If it’s cold we dress warmly, if it rains, we get to show off our cool rain gear and when it snows, we have great adventures. We are incredibly lucky to have a very diverse and deep bench of coaches on our team who are committed to showing up and we look for our athletes to bring this same commitment.
  • We will continue to reinforce punctuality and preparedness with our athletes this season. “If you are early, you are on time. If you are on time, you are late.”
  • Please bring a backpack every day with a snack, a water bottom, an extra neckie, an extra layer as needed and some glove warmers - once we start our formal training sessions.
  • Parents, we appreciate your support in encouraging your athlete(s) to arrive early and be prepared.
  • For those athletes with phones, we will be expecting your phone to remain in your coat pocket during program hours. This includes any group break.

Standard U14 Daily Schedule - Will NOT Be Standard This Year!!:

  • We will be generally starting between 7:15am and breaking down our 5 hour program day into roughly 2-3 hours of directed skiing and 2-2.5 hours of Closed Environment Training
  • To accommodate the size of our overall WRF program and allow all athletes to have great access to training blocks on Warm Up and Why Not – we might have to adjust our schedules accordingly. We will communicate this in our weekly emails.

Sample Day for U14 Alpine Team:

  • 7:15-10:30am - Meet at top of F lift and for some warm exercises & directed free/skill learning
  • 10:30-11:00am - Snack Break/Short Lunch
  • 11:00-2 or 2:30pm - closed environment training follow by debrief of days events.
  • 2:30-3:30pm - Independent Free Skiing with race team friends, family or family friends

What to expect opening day and throughout the season:

  • We currently have 60++ athletes registered for the U14 Alpine Team this season.
  • On Saturday we will start with a meet and greet with coaches at the TOP of F lift
  • We will then be breaking up into groups athletes - given the large number of new athletes on our team this year we will be looking to rotate these groups around for the first few sessions to give our coaching staff an opportunity to assess our athletes and discuss grouping.
  • If you are late, please find one of the program heads or parent volunteers at the base and someone will help connect with your group (PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE).
  • Note that when we get access to our training spaces and start setting dedicated drills and courses, we will move to having athletes circle in pairs and/or small groups so athletes are not waiting at the bottom of environments.
  • Our team looks to foster teamwork, friendships, and skill development. We will look to balance both gender and age throughout all of our groups. A lot of intention and thought will be going into these groups and we appreciate your support in trusting our coaches to get this right.


We cannot stress this enough. This season we will continue to use TeamSnap to track weekly attendance.  Given the size of our group it is critical that we have advanced knowledge of attendance to help best manage our staffing. Please take a moment each week to open your TeamSnap App and update your attendance. If you have not already done so, please be sure to download the TeamSnap App where you will be able to view your athlete's schedule, access contact information for all U14 families, and find all important communications (emails, posts, alerts) throughout the season.

U14 Race Coaches: Martin Biedermann, Susan White, Nicole Cosgrove, Henri Rivers, Kevin Cohane