It has often been said: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. The more connections you have, both inside and outside of your organization, the stronger your business will become. A strong development strategy involves building and nurturing professional relationships. I see great opportunities in exploring these relationships with the goal of building strategic alliances throughout the world. The goal is to expand opportunities for our families, our staff, and our athletes; through strong professional relationships who share similar philosophies, visions, and dreams.

I want to share a few insights on leveraging The Windham Race Factory through partnerships with other sports programs, educators, academies, businesses, and academic settings. Everyone you work with, or might work with, is a potential partner. People want to be involved with a great company like ours, now more than ever. Organizations outside of Windham recognize the value of working with us, and we need to leverage that opportunity.


With that being said, we are currently exploring opportunities with the following organizations:

● Carrabassett Valley Academy

● Apex 2100 (Sasha Rearick)

● Holderness School

● Gould Academy

● Northwood School

● Stratton Mountain School

● Killington Mountain School


We will explore the potential for training camps, shared training opportunities, coach development, and parent education, both during our season and during our off-season.

Keep your mind open to creative possibilities, there will be opportunities lying ahead where we can provide great exposure and growth in the years to come. We are all in the business of assisting young athletes to develop into their best selves and striving for their biggest dreams… on and off the hill.


– Sean Warman, Program Director


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