We are extremely excited to announce that veteran WRF coach Erik Anderson will join the WRF Leadership team as U12 Race Team Head Coach. Erik’s organization and communication skills, coupled with his approachable demeanor and professionalism, are the perfect fit to lead the WRF U12 Race Team into the future. Erik, his wife Melissa, and three sons Connor (15), Carter (12) and Quinn (10) are entering their 10th season at Windham Mountain. Erik has been a part of our team since 2014, most recently as a coach for the U16/18 Race Team. All of his boys have been part of our program and Carter and Quinn currently race for Windham.
Erik is a US Ski Level 100 Alpine Coach. In addition to coaching, he has been known to join his boys and participate in skier-cross races throughout the east coast. When Erik is not in the mountains, he can be found at his law firm helping his clients. He also is the Mayor of Shrewsbury Borough. Erik is passionate about fostering a lifelong love of the sport of skiing and providing athletes with the opportunity to become the best ski racer they can be…all while having a great time! Our program is lucky to have such a dedicated and community oriented leader for our U12 athletes.

Before you get worried…NO, we are not losing Caroline! Caroline Mutter and Kyle Hildebrandare teaming up to lead the U14 race team for the upcoming season.
In addition to this exciting coaching news, we are thrilled that Todd Glick will return to pilot the pinnacle of the WRF Race Team (U16/18), Maris Jurevics will return to oversee the U10 Race team and Joan Oldknow will continue to lead the ever-popular development team.

Moshe Silverstein will be overseeing our reorganized U10/U12 Factory Team where he will be working closely with Maris Jurevis (our returning Head U10 Race Team Coach) and Erik Anderson. From its inception in 2020, The Factory Team was built from the acknowledgement that no single approach to coaching serves the desires and needs of every athlete in our program. The curriculum and the content for our entire U10/U12 program will remain the same and with the close working relationship that Maris, Erik and Moshe have, we will continue to foster unity across our entire team. For more information about the Factory Team, please see the link below.
Brook Cleveland will return as our All Mountain Team Head Coach. Brook’s goal is to build a team that focuses on an overall love of skiing.

More information can be found at the following team pages:

Please let us know if you have any questions and as always we appreciate your support.

Sean Warman and the WRF Leadership Team

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